Enjoy Traveling With 8 Best Practices For Solo Travel

By | 11/12/2017

Enjoy Traveling With 8 Best Practices For Solo Travel.

Here are our best solo travel tips for newbies.

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Enjoy traveling with 8 best practices for solo travel, Right now is the rising popularity of solo travel.  visiting places on your own, be it far-off, off the beaten path or an old favorite, can be an exciting and energizing experience.

So it is only natural for you to be a little more careful and stay safe. Just a little bit of precaution and alertness can go a long way and assure safety. So while you give wings to your solo travel, there are an 8 best practices for solo travel, that you must always bear in mind. Like they say, “precaution is always better than cure”.

Do Research Before Solo Travel:

Before deciding on a solo destination, research as much as you can. Study about the place, the preferences, and do’s and don’ts thoroughly. Ensure you know about the prevailing belief system, rules (especially those pertaining to women) and study the cultural norms of the region you are traveling to.

Let Your Friends And Family Know:

Leave a copy of your detailed itinerary with friends and family. Share your contact numbers, hotel name, hotel number and room number that you plan putting up at. Always stay in touch with family, friends. Inform them about the changes if any in your itinerary so they know your whereabouts. This makes it easier for people to track you in case of an emergency.

Always Buy Travel Insurance:

It is quite common for people to lose their belongings while traveling. Change of water and weather can also play Havoc with your health. Travel insurance is come in handy under such circumstances and take care of unexpected losses and costs. Most travel insurance cover loss of baggage, cancellations, delays, damage and even Medical and Dental emergencies.

Always Keep Your Phone Charged:

Phones can be a boon when traveling alone, especially during an emergency. Make sure your phone is always fully charged. Carry a power bank/ charger. Use a camera to click pictures so you conserve your phone battery for its obvious uses.

Learn Basic Local Phrases And Language:

Try and learn the local language of the place you are traveling to. But if you can’t, make sure you learn few basic phrases. This will help avoid language barrier. Even if you are familiar with Translation App. Then it’s better to install on your mobile. Terms like thank you, please, where, what, guide, who, hello, bye, how you, food, danger, hungry, good, bad, can help you get around a new place with a little ease.

Scatter Your Money:

Never put all your money in the same place, scatter it, carrier card, carry some cash on yourself, leave some at the hotel and hide some at different places inside the bag.

Dress Local:

This is a good way of avoiding and your attention. It will save you from being the obvious first targets of pickpockets and snatched thieves. Travel light when you’re backlight, you not only make your journey easier but also word of undue attention from robbers. Travelling light facilities better mobility and make your journey hassle free.

Use GPS:

If you are renting a car, make sure you use GPS to keep a track of where you are heading. While listening to music, never wear both earphones. This is a good way to stay alert and be aware of anything sketchy that might be going around. Above all don’t forget to smile and enjoy the adventure with spring in your step. Enjoy your own company and give yourself some me time you deserve.


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